Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Benefits of Weight Lifting for Everybody.

You may have seen this funny commercial. A huge bodybuilder is going on a tour of a new gym. As he is on the tour he repeats in a funny Arnold accent “I lift things up and put them down.” When we think of lifting weights this may come to mind but lifting weights is not just for “meatheads.” Lifting weights is for men and women of all ages. The benefits of adding weight bearing exercise to your daily life are for more than just your physique. Sure it would be awesome to look like Arnold in his day but let’s be realistic. Here are just a few reasons why you need to “lift things up and put them down.”
Improves bone density— Throughout history men and women have been required to lift heavy objects daily for survival. Men would plow fields while women would carry heavy buckets of water. Take away the need to lift then add our unhealthy diets and you have the added risk for osteoporosis. A great friend was sharing with us her chart from her most recent bone density test. Due to the chemo she had received during her not one but two battles with breast cancer, she was left with low bone density. She, for several years, took the prescription medication to increase bone density. This past year she began lifting weights at the gym a couple of times per week. Her results after one year lifting weights were several times greater than with the medication. If you are older and already have osteoporosis it is not too late. To begin you would want to start out with lighter weights or an exercise band to prevent any new injuries.  We also would recommend our vibration plate in the office.

Increases metabolism— Do you want to have an extra slice of pizza or burn fat? Then lift! Your body will continue burning calories long after the workout is over. Adding muscle increases your metabolism. Adding muscle also helps the way you feel in your skinny jeans—bonus!

Increases Hormone levels— Did you know that proper hormone levels make you happier, sleep better, improve energy, increase sex drive, combat stress and more? Did you know that weight bearing exercise will increase hormone production? Artificially balancing hormones can be very difficult. By adding a workout you can allow your body to do it naturally.

Help prevent injury— Muscles support your joints and improve balance. Adding a balanced group of muscles that surround a joint will protect you from injury. Dr. Collard had a bone tumor removed from his femur close to the knee joint in 2009. He knew the benefits of muscular support so he began with light weights and slowly started to rebuild the muscle around that joint. He attributes his successful recovery to his knowledge of weight lifting. You can enjoy your daily activities with less risk of injury.

Lower risk of diabetes— Studies have shown that lifting weights reduces your risk for diabetes. Why? Weight bearing exercise helps control blood sugar. Your muscles, as they grow, will use the glucose for energy. Add the benefit of a good diet and you have drastically reduced your risk for diabetes.

Heart health— When lifting you will begin to circulate blood and oxygen to your whole body. Studies show a decrease in blood pressure that far surpasses the benefits of taking blood pressure medication. Once again there is a better solution than the typical prescription.

Decreases back pain– Get out of the chair, and improve your posture with some simple lifts. Once again muscles support joints. Driving, sitting at your computer and looking down at your phone are all bad for you. Doing lifts to combat the daily tolls on your body can reduce pain and slow the aging process to your structure.

Stress relief— For 30 minutes a day you can put the music on and literally work out your problems. Add a workout to your day and see the results for yourself.

If you have not yet tried our vibration plate ask us about it next time you are in. NASA has used the vibration plate to prevent muscle atrophy, improve balance and prevent bone loss. Dr. Collard is always available to you. Ask him for exercise ideas and if you are doing it correctly to prevent injury. Call us anytime 801-569-1141

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