Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I am able to pursue my dream

As a mixed martial artist, I put my body through hell on a daily basis. The pain and frustration that comes with injury and lack of mobility is not only emotionally difficult, it affects my career long term. 

Mallory Rogers Kicks her opponent
Several years ago I came to see Chad with two unusable knees, lower back injuries, and shoulder pain so severe it kept me awake at night. I had been wearing a knee brace for almost two years, but after about four sessions with Chad I was able to take it off for good. Over the years I've walked into Chad's office with every imaginable injury, but nothing has stumped him. I always leave pain-free, regardless of the severity or unique nature of my issue. I believe there is no joint or muscle pain that Chad cannot fix. I can honestly say I wouldn't be fighting today if I had not made the decision to see Chad years ago. 

Because of his unique knowledge and skill set , I am able to pursue my dream to the fullest of my abilities. Thank you, Dr. Collard!

Thank you Mallory for your testimonial. We are glad that you are able to do what you love!